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Explore your "us-ness" on Iceland's Laugavegur Trail

We've tried to go to a marriage retreat so many times. 

We always liked the idea of marriage retreats because... we like our marriage and want it to be better. So every six months or so, Cecily would suggest we attend a marriage retreat. What would ensue was an internet search followed by the realization that all the marriage retreats out there look really dull and we would rather go somewhere alone. 

Aren't there any retreats for the active, in-love couple looking for a meaningful adventure together (that's fun for her and for him)?


We even tried taking the question to our Facebook network. The response? "When you find a good retreat, let us know and (spouse) and I will come along."  Or another common response was, "You guys should totally do one of your own, and when you do, let us know and (spouse) and I will come along."

So we decided to create it.