Explore your "us-ness" on

Iceland's Laugavegur Trail

5 couples, 9 days, 57 miles
Landmannalaugar, Iceland (63°59′28″N 19°03′37″W) to Þórsmörk, Iceland (63°42′10″N 19°25′38″W)

July 7 - 15, 2017


Our journey begins in the heart of Iceland at Landmannalaugar. Over the course of six days, our team will cover 57 miles of rugged and varied terrain. Carrying all the food, gear and supplies we need for the whole week, we'll cross rivers, glaciers, mountains, valleys, lava fields, and sandy deserts, eventually emerging on the grassy fields of the Icelandic coast. 


In addition to miles of walking, conversation and immersion in Iceland's breathtaking landscape, you'll spend time each day discovering and sharing your strengths and weaknesses as a couple. As individuals, as couples, and as a group, we'll work through sessions of group discussion, personal reflection, and exercises geared toward making your relationship even better.​

Cost & Payment Info //

Total cost: $2,200 per person ($4,400 per couple) 

Includes lodging, guide service, transportation & food for the duration of the trip. Does not include airfare to/from Iceland. 

By Friday, February 10, 2017 .............. $500 required non-refundable deposit due*

By Friday, May 12, 2017 ................... total amount ($4,400 per couple) due 


*Trip will fill on a first come, first served basis, so you can pay your deposit at your convenience before the 10th to secure your space. Three couples must pay their deposit by the 10th in order for the trip to happen. 

Suggested Payment Plan, per couple:

Monday, January 9 .......... $500 deposit (total paid: $500) 

Friday, March 17 .......... $1,300 (total paid: $1,800) 

Friday, April 14 .......... $1,300 (total paid: $3,100) 

Friday, May 12 .......... $1,300 (total paid: $4,400) 

About the Curriculum //

Our group sessions will work through MarriageStrong, a small group curriculum designed to make good marriages even better. 


Faith-based. We will ground each session in scriptural text and an understanding that marriage is a gift from God. Much of our curriculum comes from a framework of living into the new creation that Christ brings. 

A psycho-educational experience. Through questions, exercises, group and private discussion, you will learn about many of your own, your spouse's and your relationship's characteristics. 

Life changing. The Breedings and many other couples can attest that this content and the discoveries and practices that result will enable you to remove old patterns of thinking and enact new communication strategies that deepen your intimacy and fulfillment in marriage. 


Therapy. Dusty and Cecily are not therapists (nor did they develop this curriculum). If you love your marriage and want to actively invest in making it better in a group setting, this is the trip for you. 

A lot of work. The majority of the work is done in our group sessions. You don't need to come to Iceland having read hundreds of pages or completed lots of material. Just show up and be present.

Uncomfortable. Let's be honest, a lot of couples don't do marriage retreats because they might involve emotional or social discomfort. We've been leading groups through MarriageStrong for years and the thing we hear most often (particularly from men) is that this program is fun and not-awkward. 


  • Discovering your "us-ness"

  • What we carry into marriage 

  • Learning your Pain Cycle

  • Learning your Peace Cycle 

  • The Four Steps

  • Practicing Problem-Solving

  • Establishing Boundaries 

  • Recognizing Your Personality Differences

  • Using Your Spiritual Gifts 

  • Goal-setting and Dreaming about the New Us 


Detailed Itinerary //

Day 1: Arrival in Iceland. 

On arrival we get onto the shuttle bus (Flybus+) taking us to Reykjavík and to our accommodations for the night. Accommodations at a local hostel in dbl/twin rooms with shared facilities.

Meals: none 

Day 2: Reykjavík – Landmannalaugar 

We start the day with a walk to the Reykjavík Bus Terminal where we get onto the regular bus that during the summer months drives the mountain tracks that lead to Landmannalaugar. Enroute we will be passing by the Hekla volcano and other volcanoes in the Dómadalur area. Arriving in Landmannalaugar at noon, we set up camp and have a lunch before heading out to explore this magical area.

Accommodations: in tents

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner 

Distance: 12km (7.5 mi)

Walking time: 4-5 hrs

Ascent: 250 m (820 ') 

Day 3: Landmannalaugr – Álftavatn 

Today we pack up and set out across the mountains south to lake Álftavatn. The trail leads up to through ochre colored gullies and ridges to the plateau of Hrafntinnusker before we descend down the gullies of Jökultungur with hundreds of steaming hot springs and mud pools. Fascinating views to the south over the Álftavatn area (Swan Lake), and the Myrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull glaciers. In the afternoon we arrive at Álftavatn hut where we set up camp for the the night.

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner 

Distance: 24km (15 mi)

Walking time: 7-8 hrs

Ascent/descent: 470/490 m (1540/1610 ') 

Day 4: Exploring the surroundings of Álftavatn

An easy day to explore the surroundings of the magical lake or rest.

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner 

Day 5: Álftavatn – Emstur 

We pass at the foot of the green conic volcano of Stórasúla before entering the black deserts of Mælifellssandur. Heading towards another ancient and verdurous volcano, the Hattfell, we enter the Emstrur region where farmers used to graze their sheep in summer. Before arriving at the Botnar hut where we stay the night, we visit the magnificent Markarfljót canyon cut almost 200 m down into the rocks south of Hattfel.Camping for the night in the small campground at Botnar.

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner 

Distance: 16km (10 mi)

Walking time: 6-7 hrs

Descent: 40 m (130 ') 

Day 6: Emstur – Thórsmörk 

We continue up and down through the small valleys and gullies of Emstrur, where the great Myrdalsjökull glacier rises only a couple of kilometers away. At the end of the day the vegetation starts to grow thicker and higher as we descend in to Thórsmörk's (the woods of Thor) green valleys filled with arctic birch forests and colorful flowers. We spend the night in one of campgrounds of Thórsmörk.

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner 

Distance: 17km (10.5 mi)

Walking time: 6-7 hrs

Descent: 300 m (985 ') 

Day 7: Thórsmörk – Fimmvörduháls – Thórsmörk 

Today we set out to explore the craters of Fimmvörduháls, created in the eruption in 2010. We climb up the palagonite ridges to the plateau Morinsheidi with great views to the Myrdalsjökull icecap and its outlet glaciers. From Morinsheidi we continue the climb up the Heljarkambur ridge and come to the lava field from the craters. After exploring the craters and the lavafield we head back to our lovely campground for the last night out in the country.

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner 

Distance: 22 km (14 mi)

Walking time: 6-7 hrs

Ascent/descent: 900/900 m (2953’) 

Day 8: Thórsmörk - Reykjavík 

We get onto the bus headed for Reykjavík in the morning and make the obligatory stop at the waterfall Seljalandsfoss in the foothills of Eyjafjallajökull icecap before we hit the main road to Reykjavík. On arrival in Reykjavík at noon we walk to the hostel and have time to explore the city in the afternoon. Accommodations in dbl/twin rooms with shared facilities.

Meals: breakfast Íslenskir 


Day 9: Departure from Iceland

We get onto the shuttle bus for Keflavík aiport for departure. Pick up from the hostel, 4 hours before estimated departure time.

Meals: breakfast